Monday, August 27, 2007

Bad Crash

This accident stopped traffic for miles. I didn't stop because by the time I got there authorities were on the scene. It's hard to see, but behind the pickup is an overturned SUV! Yikes!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Smoke... Not Good.

I came across this elderly couple with the hood up in the parking lot of Zippys. They were on the phone and had someone coming. There was unknown smoke coming from the engine compartment. Known or unknown, smoke is NOT good.

Nothing I could do to help...again. Anyone else seeing a pattern?

Good Samaritan's final act

DES MOINES, Iowa -- A central Iowa woman said she saw a Good Samaritan dying two hours after he had helped her fix her flat tire, reported KCCI-TV in Des Moines. Police said Rick Byrkett, 53, of Des Moines, ran northbound across Euclid Avenue and into the path of a truck. Amy Conlin said that Byrkett had spent the last hours of his life helping a stranger.

Conlin was on her way to a friend's house for dinner when she hit a median on the street.

"Right here, right there is where I popped the tire," she said, standing near the spot. Byrkett, who was walking by, stopped to help. "He came up and said, 'You ladies need some help?' I said, 'sure,' and so he changed the tire for me," she said. "He said he enjoys doing nice things for other people so maybe if he's in need, maybe someone will stop and help him out. That's what he said."

Fifteen minutes later, Conlin and Byrkett parted ways. Neither of them knew that two hours later, Conlin would be stopping for Byrkett.

"Yeah, I did stop because I knew. I knew it was him. I knew it was," she said.

Police said Byrkett had been hit by a pickup while crossing the street. Conlin was on her way home and drove through the intersection where the accident happened moments before.

"I yelled his name, and he grunted," she said.

Conlin watched him being loaded into an ambulance. He died later at the hospital. She said she's thankful she had a chance to know him even if it was for only 15 minutes.

"I appreciate what he did for me. You know, take his example and move on with his example to help others," she said.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Diesel Fuel

This big GMC truck I found on the Waipahu off ramp, coming home at the apex of the hill. He said he has a helf tank of diesel fule, but it seems like it's not getting to the engine. He thinks air is getting into the fuel line somehow. He already had someone on the way, so once again nothing I could really do. Didn't give him a card and snapped off a quick photo which turns out focussed on my camera instead. This is a junk way to take a quick photo, I have to try something else.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Accident Aftermath

This young lady had had an accident earlier in the day. She didn't think her car was damaged, but after getting on the freeway, the car started to smoke, so she decided to pull over and call a tow truck. She was waiting for the tow truck (with her daughter in the back seat) and there really wasn't anything I could do. I forgot to give her a card and nearly forgot to take a photo.