Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Just a note to say that I've been driving my wife's car for a week while we have some maintenance issues attended to. No stops last week and probably won't start again until Thursday afternoon. Don't get stuck until Thursday! (grin) -Rich

Monday, May 21, 2007

Blue S.U.V.

This person declined any assistance and said that a tow truck was already on the way. She said the problem was mechanical and she would simply wait for the tow truck to arrive. I think she might have felt a little scared so I didn't offer her a card. I think she just wanted me to go away. That's OK. I understand. She must have felt very vulnerable.

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Yellow Pickup Truck

Stopped when I saw a yellow pickup on the road with its flashers on and its hood up. He said his wife was already coming and that he needed to rebuild his carburetor. There was nothing I could really do but was able to give him a card and say "God Bless You". He waved thanks as I pulled away. I forgot to take a photo.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Bad Day

This young lady was having a really bad day. She is a military wife and her husband has already been relocated to Denver. She's trying to wrap things up here to then join him there. They have been trying to sell this truck and it has been sitting at the "Lemon Lot" (used cars on base) for a while. Well she was already running late to chaperon an event in Kailua, when her truck runs out of gas on the freeway by the stadium. Fortunately for her her luck was about to change.

She had not been on the side of the road long at all. I know that because I had scanned the side a few minutes earlier and there were no cars. Shortly after, through the jumble of cars in traffic, I can see her hazard light flashing. At the same time a solo bike officer was about 2 cars back from me, also approaching the truck. We both pulled over at the same time (me in front, him behind) which I bet was a shock to both her and the police officer. (Click for Map)

When I approached they told me she needed gas. "I have gas." I said and went to work getting the can from the truck bed. The bike officer backed up a little and kinda kept the traffic away from crowding me as I gave her what I had. She also explained to me that because her truck had been sitting so long unused, the battery was weak and she had trouble starting it. "No problem" I said, excited about using my new jump starter for the first time.

Sure enough she tried to start it and it was tired sounding. I connected the jumpstarter, flipped the switch, she tried again and "VVrrooommmmmm..." it kicked over like a champ! Hurray!

I gave her a card and asked if I could take a picture for the blog. I even gave a card to the police officer and thanked him too. When I was done packing up, I jumped in my truck and immediately noticed the cop was holding traffic up so I could pull out. I quickly did and then realized my seat belt wasn't on yet! YIKES! I got it on, killed the amber flasher and continued on.

Hopefully we were able to be a little ray of sunshine on a bad day. I never did get her name.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Selsen needed water/coolant

This is Selsen (Please correct me if I got your name wrong. Hard fo' hea next to traffic!) He needed coolant and his radiator was bone dry and it was still quite hot.

When I was getting my water from the truck he asked me if this was some kind of roadside service. (I think he was worried about having to pay something.) I said no, it was more like a ministry.

The water I was pouring in was steaming and boiling out. He'll need to add some coolant later when he has a chance to work on it. When we were done I gave him a blog card and encouraged him to check out the site. He also let me take his picture and as you can see gave me a great shaka! He only had to get to Waipahu and that wasn't very far away at all. (Click for map).

We parted with some smiles and a handshake. Hopefully he will check in here and tell us his side of the story (and give me the correct spelling of his first name!)

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Lianne needed Gas

This is Lianne. This "assist" is a little different than most, because I have known Lianne for a long time.

Lianne is a member of our small group bible study called "Wananada Wednesdays". (We eat with wananada, learn with wananada, pray for wananada...get it?). Lianne had enough gas to make it to small group and "maybe" enough to get back home. She had her 18 month old son with her, but had forgotten her cell phone at home, and it was getting late. I was happy to provide her with a gallon of gas just to be sure there would be no problems getting home.

That's what we do for others, especially our Christian brothers and sisters. We look for opportunities to meet their needs. We honor God when we care for one another (wananada).

Anyways, hopefully Lianne will check in here and let us know she made it home safely.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Young Folks needed Gas

These fine young people had pulled over into what I consider the most dangerous area to stop. (Click here for a map) The shoulder here is exactly 1 car width, so when you open the door you open it into traffic. The driver didn't quite get the tail of his car out of traffic either.

When I approached, the young man told me he was trying to call somebody to bring them gas. He was really happy to hear that I had gas with me. It didn't take long to put the gallon in (that's all I carry) and the sweet girl in the back tried to offer me some money for the gas. I gave them one of the web cards and hopefully they will look it up and give their side of the story.

When I was done the driver gave me a big handshake and then was able to drive on (hopefully to a gas station!) I didn't get any of their names and I don't know if they were friends or family.

God bless!