Monday, May 7, 2007

Young Folks needed Gas

These fine young people had pulled over into what I consider the most dangerous area to stop. (Click here for a map) The shoulder here is exactly 1 car width, so when you open the door you open it into traffic. The driver didn't quite get the tail of his car out of traffic either.

When I approached, the young man told me he was trying to call somebody to bring them gas. He was really happy to hear that I had gas with me. It didn't take long to put the gallon in (that's all I carry) and the sweet girl in the back tried to offer me some money for the gas. I gave them one of the web cards and hopefully they will look it up and give their side of the story.

When I was done the driver gave me a big handshake and then was able to drive on (hopefully to a gas station!) I didn't get any of their names and I don't know if they were friends or family.

God bless!

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