Sunday, April 8, 2007

Why Do You Stop?

I am an only child and grew up with a very selfish attitude. I always saw things in light of me and my goals. Our family went to church but I always thought it was boring.

It wasn't until my teen years that I understood that going to church doesn't make me a Christian anymore than being in a garage makes me a car! Being a Christian has little to do with attending church and everything to do with a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus. Through the Bible, He showed me how much people matter to Him, that He loves them with a deeper love than I will ever fully understand and never be worthy of. I began to see the destructiveness of my heart and behaviors. I knew I was a sinner and He offered me forgiveness and a fresh start. He began to change me from the inside out! I started to see the world fresh through His eyes. I started a relationship with Him that has now grown for many years and it is the center and joy of my life.

Recently, I began to notice the people stranded on the side of the road, then it became more than noticing, it became caring. Soon the caring was becoming overwhelming and I began to feel bad when I passed by. What was happening to me? God was answering a prayer I had asked of Him. A prayer to increase my love and compassion for people and to remove my selfishness. I placed my faith in Him to do this work in my heart, and began yielding to His leading.

Soon I started gathering resources....gas, water, jumper cables, duct tape. The first time was a little scary but I stopped for a motorist. What he told me broke my heart. He said he had been stuck there over 5 hours! Imagine being reminded how little you matter to people with each passing car for 5 hours straight!

My heart changed from caring into a mission. People needed to know that they matter to God. Now I always drive in the right lane. I consider it a privilege to help people and I try to represent Him to the people of Hawaii. Sometimes all I get to say is "God Bless You", sometimes all they see is my "fish" sticker on the truck, but in faith I am counting on God to use this to further His kingdom however He chooses to.

If there is one thing I'd like you to know about, it is God's ultimate rescue effort for you. If I have helped you in anyway, then as a favor, please read My Life Needs A Rescue and think carefully about it.