Tuesday, September 18, 2007

2-hours waiting for help!

I just pulled over to help a young nurse that had blown out a rear tire near the airport. (She told me her name, but now I've forgotten.) She called her brother to come help, but they were having problems understanding each other in regards to her location. Her cellphone was nearly dead when I arrived.

I offered to wait with her until her brother arrived, but started looking at the tire and asking if she had a spare. She did, but it was flat! I used my compressor to reinflate it and started to change the tire. I felt like a total rookie using her jack! I kept thinking I was doing something wrong, but I couldn't figure it out. Finally got the car jacked up, and her old tire off, and just as I was putting her emergency spare on her brother arrived! He took over lowering the car and I finally saw what I was doing wrong with the jack. I was so embarrassed!

I said my goodbyes (nearly forgetting my compressor!), they said thanks and I was back on the road.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Jeremy & Cisco

I just pulled over to help Jeremy and Cisco, because they ran out of gas, shortly after getting off the freeway. I was able to give them the gas they needed, but because the van was on a slope, it wasn't getting to the fuel line. We had Cisco back up to a flatter spot and then rocked the car while he started it. It took some coaxing, but eventually they were on their way back to Waipahu.

Nice Lady in Need

I just pulled over to help a Jennifer Wong, owner of CNA Senior Transport. Her vehicle had blown out a front tire on the driver side. She was in a very bad place and much too close to oncoming highway traffic to work on it. She had called AAA and because of her safety, she also called the police to ask if she should stay with the car or find a safer spot. I offered to stay with her until help arrived. Maybe my blinking light might help people see the situation earlier. We only talked for about 10 minutes before the helpful AAA tow truck rolled up and she started the paper work.

The van is used to help transport our senior citizens about town, and I guess when there was a problem, they had to transfer their client to another van. That could have been very difficult if they were wheelchair bound, but fortunately that was not the case, and they were able to get their client quickly under way again. She struck me as a very compassionate and intelligent lady.

During our conversation she asked me how I was funded. That kind of made me laugh inside. "I'm not" I said with a grin.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Black Jag

Hi Everybody, its 8 a.m. on September 11th Tuesday and I just pulled over to help a black Jaguar that was in distress. I was leaving Mililani and the person declined assistance. He had somebody coming already from Jaguar. He thanked me for stopping, so that's the latest! Aloha -Rich.
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