Monday, May 14, 2007

Selsen needed water/coolant

This is Selsen (Please correct me if I got your name wrong. Hard fo' hea next to traffic!) He needed coolant and his radiator was bone dry and it was still quite hot.

When I was getting my water from the truck he asked me if this was some kind of roadside service. (I think he was worried about having to pay something.) I said no, it was more like a ministry.

The water I was pouring in was steaming and boiling out. He'll need to add some coolant later when he has a chance to work on it. When we were done I gave him a blog card and encouraged him to check out the site. He also let me take his picture and as you can see gave me a great shaka! He only had to get to Waipahu and that wasn't very far away at all. (Click for map).

We parted with some smiles and a handshake. Hopefully he will check in here and tell us his side of the story (and give me the correct spelling of his first name!)

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