Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Lianne needed Gas

This is Lianne. This "assist" is a little different than most, because I have known Lianne for a long time.

Lianne is a member of our small group bible study called "Wananada Wednesdays". (We eat with wananada, learn with wananada, pray for wananada...get it?). Lianne had enough gas to make it to small group and "maybe" enough to get back home. She had her 18 month old son with her, but had forgotten her cell phone at home, and it was getting late. I was happy to provide her with a gallon of gas just to be sure there would be no problems getting home.

That's what we do for others, especially our Christian brothers and sisters. We look for opportunities to meet their needs. We honor God when we care for one another (wananada).

Anyways, hopefully Lianne will check in here and let us know she made it home safely.

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