Friday, June 8, 2007

Good end to a bad day

Near Aloha Stadium I was kind of stuck in the middle lane. I usually drive home in the right lane, because that is where most stranded drivers end up. Coming from the viaduct and merging with the Moanaloa Freeway puts me right in the middle. I was getting irritated because the traffic on both sides of me was moving pretty briskly and I couldn't match speeds for a lane change, and I soon found out why. A few cars ahead of me was a pickup that was slowly lurching to a stop. Eventually I was right behind it and I fired up the amber dome light, to help people realize there was a problem.

The truck wouldn't quite stop, and it couldn't quite go, everytime I thought it was through it would seem to revive. We limped over to the right shoulder slowly as I blocked traffic. Eventually the painter's pickup came to a stop.

I walked up and asked if there was anything I could do to help. They didn't have a cellphone so I let them use mine. It was noisy and so it was hard to hear. The first call was a little funny because after 30 seconds of trying to make himself understood he realized it was a wrong number! The second call seemed to go through and I guess he was able to call for help.

His passenger asked if I could take him to Pearl City. I said no problem and he gathered his stuff and hopped in my truck with me. I don't want to get into details but today was a very frustrating "first day on the job" for him and he was very grateful to be "rescued" from his day. He was very frustrated with the driver, whom he had just met that day and he wanted nothing else to do with him. We introduced ourselves and I enjoyed listening to him. He had a lot to say! I ended up taking him to Waipahu High School since there was a transit center there and it was basically on my way.

I gave him a card and dropped him off at the bus stop. I'd have to say I have never met anyone so grateful for my assistance than this young man. He said he was ready to just get out of the truck and walk home already!

I'm glad I was able to bring a little blessing to his life. Hopefull he'll check in here and give his side of the story too!

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